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  i/p-Transmitter Type 6111
 Differential Pressure, Flow and Liquid Level Meters (Media)

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 Information sheets
 Applications Notes for Pressure Gauges
Information on their application, selection, installation and operation
AB 09[DE] [EN]
 Applications Notes for Pressure Gauges
Adapt-FS pre-volume deflagration flame arrester

AB 10[DE] [EN]
 Information Sheet: Media
Liquid Level, Differential Pressure and Flow Meters

T 9500[DE] [EN] [IT] [PL] [SL]
 Differential Pressure Meter
Media 6 · Media 6Z

T 9527
[DE] [EN] [FR]
 Specification Sheet for Media 6
T 9527-9[DE] [EN]
 Differential Pressure and Flow Meter
Media 5 · Indicator 160∅ · PN 50

T 9519
[DE] [EN] [ES] [FR] [IT] [RU]
 Differential Pressure and Flow Meter
Media 05 · Indicator 100∅ · PN 50

T 9520
[DE] [EN] [IT]
 Specification Sheet for Media 5/05
T 9520-9[DE] [EN]
 Differential Pressure and Flow Meters
Dial faces for Media series

T 9545[DE] [EN]
 Differential Pressure and Flow Meters
Accessories for Media Series

T 9555
[DE] [EN] [FR] [IT] [PL]
 Orifice plate assemblies
Type 90 Orifice Flange
Restriction orifice plate

T 9550
[DE] [EN] [FR] [PL] [RU]
- Flow rate measurement according to the differential pressure method
- Mass flow restriction using the limiting restriction

T 9500-9[DE] [EN] [FR]

T 6661[DE] [EN] [ES] [FR] [IT] [RU] [SL] [SV] [ZH]
 Mounting and operating instructions
 Differential Pressure Meter
Media 6
Media 6 Z

EB 9527-3[DE] [EN] [RU]
 Differential Pressure Meter
Media 6 with LCD
Media 6 with LED

EB 9527-1[DE] [EN] [ES] [IT]
 Media 6 Differential Pressure Meter
Configuration with TROVIS-VIEW 4
EB 9527-2[DE] [EN] [IT]
 Quick Guide Media 6 with LED
Firmware B 2.10
EB 9527-9[DE] [EN]
 Differential Pressure and Flow Meter
Media 5

EB 9519[DE] [EN] [FR] [RU]
 Media 5
4 to 20 mA current output option module

EB 9519-1[DE] [EN]
 Differential Pressure and Flow Meter
Media 05

EB 9520[DE] [EN] [IT] [RU]
 Flow Meter with FLow Rate Counter
Media 4Z

× EB 9521[DE] [EN] [IT]
 Differential Pressure and Flow Meter
Media 4 K

× EB 9518[DE] [EN]
 Flow Meter with flow rate counter Media 4A
Type 5014

× EB 9525[DE] [EN]
 Differential Pressure and Flowmeter
Media 04

× EB 9538[EN] [PL]
 Power Supply and Indicator Unit Type 5024-1
EB 9539[DE] [EN]
 TROVIS-VIEW 4 Software

EB 6661[DE] [EN] [RU]
Instructions and information on how to safely handle devices for oxygen service
H 01[DE] [EN]

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