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SAMSON offers products and systems to control all kinds of media. We specialize in control valve engineering. As a trendsetter for over 100 years, we drive forward new developments and introduce innovations to the market. We have had a considerable impact on the evolution of valves from analog components to smart control valves. We are now fully focusing on the opportunities provided to us through Industry 4.0.

We are active worldwide in over 80 countries.

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SAMSON's valves can be tailored to the specific control task.

The modular design of our valves enables us to provide a wide variety of valves, such as globe vales, angle valves, three-way valves, in all commonly available in valve sizes, pressure ratings, and materials, with exchangeable trims, bellows seals or insulating sections. Special versions for cryogenic applications and for steam conditioning round off the range. Many of our valve models can be fitted with either a pneumatic or electric actuator.

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SAMSON has been selling self-operated regulators since its foundation in 1907.

They are used where temperature, pressure, differential pressure, and/or flow rate are to be controlled to constant value and where small steady-state errors can be tolerated.

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Actuators convert the control signal supplied by automation equipment into a linear or rotary motion used to position the valve.

SAMSON develops and manufactures pneumatic linear and rotary actuators as well as electric linear actuators with or without fail-safe action. The electric actuators with process controllers are fitted with a digital controller and combine the functions of the automation equipment and actuator in one device.

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Fitted with valve accessories, control valves serve as engineered solutions for almost any application (e.g. simple on/off valves, control valves with diagnostics for predictive maintenance, SIL-certified valves for safety-instrumented systems).

We offer the entire control valve assembly consisting of the valve, actuator, and accessories (e.g. positioner, limit switch, or solenoid valve) perfectly tailored to one another.

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Signal converters are used in cases where the signal must be converted before it can be used by a device.

SAMSON i/p converters are used to convert an electric signal issued by automation equipment into a pneumatic signal, for example, for valve control.

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Automation systems are used in the process industry, building automation, and in the tank filling process.

Most electric automation systems by SAMSON can be controlled from remote locations and feature alarm management and data logging functions. Besides electric automation systems, we are one of very few manufacturers who still have pneumatic automation systems in their product range.

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SAMSON sensors and thermostats are used in building automation.

Our sensors measure the temperature in heating and DHW circuits. They are easily combinable with our automation systems. Thermostats are used in local heat supplies and district heating systems to limit, monitor or control the temperature in pipelines.

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Digital Solutions

SAMSON is working intensively to integrate smart control valves into IoT applications. Through the founding of a joint venture with Ubix GmbH in June 2017 and the acquisition of the Israeli start-up company Visual Process Ltd. in June 2018, we are continually pushing the development of digital solutions in process engineering.

SAM DIGITAL combines SAMSON's decade-long product experience in valve engineering and in-depth understanding of processes with smart information. SAMSON ASSET MANAGEMENT and the associated industry-specific applications are based on Ubix's ultramodern digitization and automation platform.

SAM GUARD is a predictive monitoring and diagnostic system based on the plant and process monitoring tool Precognize by Visual Process. Machine learning makes it possible for the system to detect anomalies in the plant in advance while monitoring thousands of control valves and field devices in the plant as well.

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