Digital solutions

No development in the past decades has had such an impact on our lives as the growing opportunities of recording, saving, processing and exchanging data. We have automatically integrated new products and systems into our everyday lives. The same development from analog to digital technology can also be seen in industry.

SAMSON is taking on the challenge of digitization. We are working to become the first choice for smart valves, flexible production processes, and challenging applications.
We are optimally prepared to achieve our target. At SAMSON, the staff's know-how on valves, actuators and positioners as well as the customers' knowledge of the processes are brought together.
SAMSON counts on over 100 years of experience in valve engineering and has accumulated the necessary know-how to analyze data and draw the right conclusions.

In the course of digital transformation at SAMSON, the new SAM DIGITAL product line is being constantly developed to enhance our product range and to provide users with genuine added value.

SAM DIGITAL contains all digital solutions by SAMSON as well as products required for connectivity.

SAM is not just an abbreviation of the SAMSON name, but also stands for SAMSON ASSET MANAGEMENT.